Exclusive tour to the Vatican

3 hours
2 km
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Statistics - only 0.03% of tourists visiting Rome had the opportunity to visit the Vatican City (the so-called Vatican Gardens), and those who managed to do this individually were ten times smaller.
Ordering this exclusive tour will give you the opportunity to become one of the few who managed to cross the border of the city-state, which has a number of features, about which the total mass of tourists that orders a regular excursion to the Vatican Museums (more than 6 million / year) or St. Peter's Cathedral (18 million / year) does not know.

What do we show you?

  1. You will see a country that is the only absolute monarchy preserved in the center of Europe with a population of 911 people and an area of 0.43 km2.
  2. The citizens of this country, which is already a rarity, since obtaining this status is not so simple. For almost 100 years of the existence of this state, this title was granted only for merits, or for the period of the post, and not upon the fact of birth. The number of citizens now is about 530 people, 110 of them are Swiss guards.By the way, this small country is one of the most militarized countries in the world, because 18% of Vatican citizens are military!
  3. The only Vatican train station from where the Pope leaves for his suburban residence or travels to other events in Italy.
  4. The railway, consisting of 2 branches and 850 meters of rails
  5. Wonderful Vatican gardens, which are always closely guarded, because with high probability on these paths you can meet bishops or cardinals busy with their court affairs, and maybe even the Pope himself.
  6. The most secret library in the world, part of which is taken from the ancient Alexandria library, created by the Pharaoh of Egypt Ptolemy the Savior even before our era, it contains the first Bible of Christians.
  7. You can visit the branch of the Vatican Bank, use an ATM with the only Latin menu in the world, withdraw cash in one of the richest banking structures in the world. The capital of IOR Bank (Institute for the Works of Religion) is more than $10 trillion.
  8. Helipad, which serves 3 routes of the Pope: to Fiumicino Airport, Ciampino Airport and the Castell Gandolfe country residence
  9. There are a lot of crimes committing in the Vatican, mainly stealing in St. Peter's Basilica - according to statistics, about 1 crime per year is committed for each resident of the Vatican, while 90% of crimes are not disclosed, so the Vatican prison, which you can also see, with it the only camera is almost always empty.
  10. You can visit the only supermarket in the Vatican and buy something there as a keepsake. After all, such an opportunity is provided only to owners of a special pass.
  11. The Vatican Post, which delivers about 8 million postcards and letters each year, one of them can be yours
  12. You will be convinced that it is profitable to refuel in the Vatican, since the fuel here is 30% cheaper than in Rome, though you will not be able to refuel if you are not an employee of the Vatican
  13. In the Vatican you will see the football field of the Vatican’s national football team, though no one plays on it because it’s difficult to play on it, but the field is necessary, because the Vatican has its own football league, it includes the teams “Telepost”, “Bank”, “FC Guardia”, “Library”, “Musei Vaticani”, “Gendarmeria”,“ Vatican Telecommunications” , “Pietro e Paolo”, (former Palatine Guard),“Bambino Gesù Pediatric Hospital” , “San Pietro” and other teams.
  14. Without boasting, we can say that with us you will see the Vatican as very few see it. You will be able to walk and take pictures in the most unusual and treasured places of this country, where there are people from this city / state who come on an official visit and enter the Vatican through the stairs of the kings. When ordering this tour you will receive permission to cross the border of this country.
    All the photos that are presented to your attention were taken during our tours, please note that there are no tourists on them.

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