Rome <-> Civita di Bagnoregio

1 hour 43 min.
124 km
from 359€

If you are in Rome and want to make only one day trip from the capital, book a transfer and visit this incredibly beautiful and dramatic place!

You will feel yourself in the depths of centuries, in distant past times. And in a charming place where dominate silence and drama.

A walk along the suspension bridge over the valley is breathtaking. Here where there are no cars, there is no movement. Only the majesty of the Middle Ages.

It is nice to be here in summer and winter when it snows.

Visitors say: “The town itself is difficult to describe, as well as imagine its unique character. You have to go here. You must see it.”

Tourists say:

  • “On the edge of life”
  • “Journey to a fairy tale”,
  • “Beautiful views, like from a postcard”,
  • “What a view! What a view! What an impression! If you are in Rome, find a few hours for this wonderful little town. I can promise you, you will not regret it.”

The town is located on a rock, which looks as if its part could collapse at any moment. In The Dying Town there are beautiful medieval buildings, a church in the town square, which are very picturesque.

There is no movement in The Dying Town, there are small winding streets, hanging gardens, cats. And the most beautiful views, out of this world reviews.

Flowers in front of every house.

There are several restaurants and gift shops within the town.

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