Fiumicino <-> Civitavecchia

55 min.
67 km
from 189€

Fiumicino - Civitavecchia port transfer will be particularly interesting for our clients who start or/and end their cruise trip from the cruise port of Rome located in the town of Civitavecchia. We decided to publish our analysis article and give the most comprehensive answer to the questions of all cruisers and agencies in order to choose the most profitable and correct transfer option considering optimum balance of price and quality. Quick analysis result in a table below comparing all the transportation options for a family of 3 people.

Attention!!! Booking for group transfer of 7 people or more are available at a train ticket price of 23.50€p.p, delivered on board the ship

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Assessment criteria
White cab
RimTaxi transfer

Trip duration
2 hours 20”
1 hour 30”
50 min
50 min
Comfort *****

Does not require preliminary booking
  • You are met with name plate,
  • Delivery to the cruise liner board
  • Driver-assistant
  • Only new luxury premium class cabs

  1. Lines change may need basic italian knowledge;
  2. Luggage needs to be left at designated place;
  3. 3 km walking with luggage
  1. You will spend some time to find a bus stop;
  2. Bus departs only once it is full;
  3. 3 km walking with luggage from the bus-stop
  1. Economy class cab
  2. Normally white Roman cabs do not have permits to enter port area
  3. 3 km walking or you need to wait for the port shuttle
Time to make a booking

Important Information for those who decided to get to the port on their own:

  • the city of Civitavecchia has a railway connection with the center of Rome, but does not have a direct railway link that connects this city with the FCO airport (Fiumicino), also known as Leonardo da Vinci Airport.

Attention!!! Many do not know that this airport has a double name.

  • The railway station in the city of Civitavecchia is located outside the port, the port itself is very large and it has 25 piers for large cruise ships, therefore, in case of independent travel, you need to know the number of the pier on which the cruise liner he needs stopped.
  • Walking from the railway station to the pier can take about 40 minutes, there are practically no local taxis at the railway station because there are very few of them and besides, they all go to Rome in the morning on the cruise ship, preferring to make long orders for the whole day from the side of the cruise ship.
  • Shuttles run in the port with their own internal schedule and pick up cruisers inside the port, but you still have to walk to the port:
  • Entrance to the port is allowed only to the transport with special permission individually to the driver allowing him to cross the border zone of the port.

From Fiumicino to Civitavecchia you can travel by:

  1. train
  2. bus
  3. municipal white taxi
  4. our transfer

Let us together evaluate all four options for a family of 3 in the following aspects:

  • Cost (€/person)
  • Duration from the moment you leave the airport to the side of the cruise ship (minutes)
  • Comfort (minimum * maximum *****)

1. Train

It must be said that this is not a high-speed train but simply a commuter train.

We do not recommend buying a ticket in advance, because if the plane is late, it will need to be changed and this means an additional cost and money, it’s easier to buy it on the spot, but please make 15 minutes of extra time for it

Below is a real train ticket from the airport to the FCO to the city of Civitavecchia:

Andata (one way)


1 adulto (for adult)

09:12 Da (from) Roma Fiumicino Aeroporto

09:43 А (to) Roma Ostiense


Ordinaria (ordinary ticket)

Il biglietto è valido esclusivamente per la data e l'orario selezionati.

The ticket is valid for particular date and time only


2a classe

24m per la coincidenza

24 minutes to change the line

Da Roma a Civitavecchia IC 35510

10:07 Roma Ostiense

10:45 Civitavecchia stazione



Cambio gratuito e illimitato prima della partenza e possibile una sola volta fino a un’ora dopo la partenza. Rimborsabile solo prima della partenza con una trattenuta del 20% se il prezzo del biglietto è maggiore di 10 € (a passeggero).

Free and unlimited change before departure is possible only once, up to one hour after departure. Refunded only until departure time with a 20% deduction if the ticket price exceeds 10 euros (per passenger).

Cost 23,50€/person

So, with this ticket you depart from the the airport railway station:

  • At 9:12 you get to the train station Rome Ostiense for 31 minutes (do not forget to stamp the ticket, without it your ticket is not valid and the fine is from 50 € to 220 €;
  • You have 24 minutes to change the line, you need to boot with all the luggage go to the necessary peron;
  • At 10:07 we leave from Rome Ostiense to Civitavecchia
  • At 10:45 you are at Civitavecchia railway station
  • Then you need at least 40 minutes walk with suitcases and / or waiting for the shuttle in the port
  • At 11:25 you are at board of the ship if everything goes well

The Duration is 2 hours and 13 minutes. In addition to that it’s wise adding the waiting time for a train at the airport because it departs every 30 minutes.

Duration 2 hours 20 minutes

Comfort will be rated as **

2. by bus

Bus from Fiumicino Aeroporto to Civitavecchia



65,1 km

The bus stop located at the end of the 3rd airport terminal. If you exit from the last 6 doors of the terminal you will need to walk 100 meters to the parking lot, where you can get in queue and buy a bus ticket (for everything about at least 15 minutes); the photo below shows the exact location of the bus stops:

Be very careful when boarding the bus as pickpockets often operate in the flea market.

The net travel time is 1 hour; some buses stop at the Autogrill gas station for 10 minutes.

Upon arrival, the bus stops in the town of Civitavecchia without entering the port. Depending on the bus you get on there may be one of the two locations where the bus stops - either at the railway station or at the entrance to the port - it is recommended to clarify that in advance. If you get off the bus at the railway station, the situation is the same as in the case with the train, if the bus stops at the entrance to the port, then you should go to the stop where the port shuttles are waiting for their passengers.

Make sure you check with the driver which of the piers you should go, please provide the name of the cruise ship to getto the right pier.

3. White municipal taxi

This is how the white taxi parking place looks like in the street, and you need to get outside to use it:

According to the rules established by the Roman Municipality, a white taxi must apply a fixed tariff of 120 € for this route, but this depends on the integrity of the taxi driver, who in 99% of cases either asks for a price that significantly exceeds the tariff, often even several times, or turns on the meter. Of course, there are a lot of decent and very well-mannered people among Roman taxi drivers, but there are also a lot of inveterate scammers and there are many complaints about the counters that are winded up with remote control:

And that is how the cost of a taxi from Fiumicino to Civitavecchia should be calculated according to law:

  • Getting into the car from 3 € to 6.50 € depends on the weekend holidays 4.50 €, or night time 6.50 €
  • At the beginning of the trip, the tariff for short distances T1 = 1.10 € / km is applied, after the amount on the meter exceeds 11 € (10 kilometers of your trip) - the tariff T3 = 1.60 € / km which is applied until the end of the transfer
  • there is also a surcharge of 1 € per piece of baggage (only 1 piece of baggage is carried free of charge)
  • a progressive fare of 0.10 € is added every 125 m (0.80 € / km) for speeds above 20 km / h: or when traffic makes the taxi stop or drive less than 20 km / h, every 14.4 seconds (the amount is calculated and indicated by a taximeter.

Total estimated cost for 65km is:

  • 3€ to 6,50€
  • 11€+55х1,60€=99€
  • 3€
  • 65х0.80€=52€

Total 157€/3


Please do not be surprised if, after you stand in the queue to get the white taxi, you will be asked to get into a small City Car, for Italy this is a normal car for 4 passengers.

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